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Things happen when you least expect it…

There are two types of household insurance – buildings and contents. They are separate entities but can normally be bought together, usually with a discount.

Buildings Insurance

If you have a mortgage, your lender will insist that your property is protected by buildings insurance. It usually pays out if your property is destroyed by fire, flood or subsidence. Damage to fixed fittings such as baths and kitchens are often included, as well as outbuildings. 

As Independent Mortgage & Protection Advisors we can help you find the plan that best meets your requirements. 

    Contents Insurance

    Most people who own or rent a property will want to protect the contents in their home from fire, theft, flood etc… Contents insurance will provide you with peace of mind that in the unfortunate event of needing to make a claim, items will be replaced.  

      Landlords Insurance

      Landlord insurance is a combination of different covers designed to protect a landlord. It is sometimes also known as buy-to-let insurance. Landlord insurance is important for anyone renting out their property. Even with the best tenants, things can still go wrong and landlord insurance is there to protect you. Protect yourself with optional adds-on including loss of rental income, which protects you should a property become uninhabitable due to damage. 

      Landlord insurance should always include buildings insurance, which covers damage to the structure and the cost of any repairs that may come about. Contents cover is another important part of any policy. This protects against the cost of replacing any fixtures or fittings that may be damaged during the tenancy. Other things potentially covered by landlord insurance could be liability protection in the event that a visitor to the property is injured. 

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